Welcome to DYC!


Welcome to the Dartford Youth Council website! You can find out some information about our meetings, our members, our work and contributions and more.

The Dartford Youth Council team as of 2016

What we do:

Members of DYC helping out at The Salvation Army, Dartford

Dartford Youth Council aims to give young people a voice on subjects that matter to the youth of Dartford. Members of DYC are from academic years 8 – 13. We discuss issues affecting the youth of Dartford as well as improving Dartford from a youth perspective.

“I really like being part of the DYC! I enjoy participating in discussions with other young people in Dartford, knowing we can make a difference and improve Dartford from a youth perspective! From November 2016, I was elected to the position of Public & Relations Officer on the Executive Committee. I really enjoy my role as it has given me a larger platform to express more of my views” – Ricky Taing, Public & Relations Officer (2016-), DYC Member (2014-)


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