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Bullying is still very common amongst young people today which is a very big problem. I personally have been picked on continuously since I started primary school for the colour of my hair and sometimes even my weight. I haven’t... Continue Reading →


What is anxiety? Anxiety is a normal feeling that we may feel before a frightening stimulus in life such as a test, making an important decision or a problem at school or work. However someone with an anxiety disorder will... Continue Reading →


I suffer from depression and I have a history of self-harm. I have done since year seven but due to the stigma associated with mental illness together with my own stubborn ‘I am fine’ attitude, I couldn’t admit it. But... Continue Reading →


Stress is seen to be an inevitability in school, and in a way it is; it’s something everyone stumbles upon at some point in their school career, but it doesn’t have to be the all-encompassing factor during school that many... Continue Reading →

Self Esteem

I’m writing here, not to advise, not to tell you what to do, but to share what I’ve been through and how I coped through what I can safely call the toughest year of my life. Sometimes I feel that... Continue Reading →

Our Work

Singing at Gardenia House

After our visit to Salvation Army, we had lunch and then went to Gardenia House, a residential home for elderly people. We performed a range of Christmas carols and some modern Christmas song arrangements.  We must thank Ricky for conducting,... Continue Reading →

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee are a group of us who are elected to specific roles and lead the DYC in our regular meetings and for projects. Our current Executive Committee consists of: Chloe-Louise Gebbett, Chairman Matthew D’ Costa, Vice Chairman Sarah... Continue Reading →

Visit to Salvation Army

On Monday, we went to the Salvation Army in Dartford and helped sort toys for different charities. We all thoroughly enjoyed helping the Salvation Army, and knowing that the toys that we sort will go to charities that benefitted from... Continue Reading →

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